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General Consulting:

As business owners we often get so involved in the tasks of running the business that we do not devote the time and attention we should to working on improving the business. We can easily develop blind spots where we stop seeing the things that may be limiting our success. There may be areas that we avoid because it is not our “thing.” We may be aware of things that need to be done, improvements that are needed, but can’t seem to get around to them all. Maybe the business is not as busy or profitable as we would like it to be, or that we think it could be, but we are not sure why. What business does not have its share of problems?

Are there things you could do now to make your business more valuable in the future? Chances are that someday you may want to sell the business. What is it worth now? What could it be worth in the future? Wouldn’t it make sense to be working well in advance of that time to sell with someone who understandsbusiness sales and what drives value so that you can maximize your investment of time, energy, and money in your business? Business ownership can be wonderfully rewarding, but at times you feel the weight of the world heavy on your shoulders. You may just need someone to talk to who is open-minded, listens well, sees things objectively, and who has an unusual combination of good common sense, sensitivity to human nature and creativity in approaching difficult issues. For decades, Mr. Quick has been working with business operators to achieve greater success, identifying, analyzing and developing creative and innovative solutions to the toughest problems. He has helped develop and implement systems and programs addressing marketing and growing sales, cost controls, employee recruiting and training, scheduling, systems development, quality control, customer service, security and cash control, and much more. In the event that you have issues that require specialized expertise, he has the connections to bring in expert advisors in that area to assist in developing solutions.

If you could use someone with a wealth of experience who is accustomed to dealing with tough issues in customer and employee relations, marketing, and operations management - call or register today to arrange a free no obligation initial consultation! Our business is maximizing the value of your business.

Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Do you need a machinery or equipment appraisal? Paul Quick is a Certified Machinery/Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) and Member of the National Equipment and Business Brokers Institute (NEBB). He provides appraisal services for business owners, banks, attorneys, CPAs, lenders and brokers for the following purposes:

• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Insurable Value
• Financing
• Tax Purposes
• Gift Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Divorce Settlements
• Estate Settlements
• SBA Loans
• Partnerships
• 1031 Exchanges
• Trust Agreements
• Litigation Support
• Sarbanes-Oxley

Business owners, attorneys, CPA’s, and courts ask the same question, “What’s it really worth? Is there goodwill? Do only the tangible assets of your business have value? If so, how are those assets valued? Book value (not accurate), or worse yet, do you guess or take a non-certified person’s word?
Estimating the true market value of your machinery and equipment at any given time requires the specialized skills of a professional who has the expertise and certification to determine its true fair market value. Whether you need to know the fair market value or other standards of value such as liquidation value, salvage value or replacement cost, doesn’t it make sound financial sense to obtain a credible Certified Appraisal Report that holds up under scrutiny with financial institutions, government agencies, buyers, sellers, shareholders or partners?

Business Valuations:

We can provide you with a professional and justifiable valuation of your business. Working only with leading national business valuation experts, Asheville Business Consultants will gather and package the due diligence information needed to appraise the value of your business in preparation for sale - or for other purposes. To maintain the credibility of the valuation, Mr. Quick prefers that the valuation report be prepared by a third party, because a valuation prepared by a listing broker is suspect - since the broker may have a financial interest in the result. A Seller armed with a credible, professionally prepared third party business valuation that justifies the asking price is much more likely to be successful finding a qualified buyer and completing a deal at full market value than a seller with merely an opinion of value by their broker, or worse, when the seller does not know the fair market value. Not only do business owners often overestimate the value of their business, sometimes they underestimate its value. In either case, the result is not likely to be the Seller receiving the best possible price - if they get an offer at all. If a valuation suggests the Fair Market Value of the business is not sufficient to proceed with a sale, we are prepared to assist you in developing and implementing a plan to add value to your business.

Exit Planning:

Every business owner, regardless of age, should have a strategic exit plan in order to achieve their long term goals. Few do, for a variety of reasons. They may not know how to get started or who to call for assistance, it can seem to be a major project and it is easier to put it off and address it “tomorrow,” which never comes until the situation changes to create a sense of urgency. Then it may be too late to take the necessary steps to maximize the value of the business, minimize the tax consequences of a sale and to address the myriad of issues involved. Although it is better late than never, the process should begin at least three years prior to the time the owner would like to be completely out of the business, in order to have the best chance to achieve satisfactory results. Assembling a team of advisors including a legal advisor, CPA, financial advisor or insurance professional and business intermediary and developing the plan can take six months. Implementing value enhancement measures and tax planning may take a year – or more. If the business is to be sold to a third party, the sale process often takes a year or more – and then there may be a year or two of owner involvement after the sale is closed. The issues involved in developing an exit plan can get very complex, and should also include a contingency plan to address the issue of what if something happens and the owner is unable to continue operating the business. The preparation and implementation of a comprehensive exit plan may be beyond the reach of owners of smaller businesses, but is an important investment in a financially secure future for owners of larger “Main Street” businesses and middle market firms. If you own such a company and want to be prepared for a secure retirement or to pursue other opportunities, it is never too soon to put together an exit plan. Call us today to set up an initial consultation.

Confidential Commercial Property Sales:

Asheville Business Consultants specializes in confidential Buyer searches where the Seller prefers to keep the proposed sale confidential and not to place a sign on the property - but to market the property to a select group of targeted buyers. The commercial property may include a business located on the property, or not. Sometimes, particularly with rapidly rising real estate values in this area, the value of the real estate associated with a business far exceeds the ability of even a previously successful business to service a new lease or mortgage. This may present a real challenge for the business and property owner. The best solution may be selling the property and relocating or possibly even liquidating the business. Meanwhile, a “FOR SALE” sign out front may not be conducive to maintaining a profitable business operation. This is just one of several scenarios where a confidential targeted search for a buyer may make sense to the Seller. If you are a business owner in the Western North Carolina area faced with a situation where confidentiality is important and the traditional marketing by Commercial Real Estate Brokers is not appropriate, call Asheville Business Consultants today for a free consultation.

Site Selection:

If you are seeking a location for a business in Western North Carolina, particularly in the hospitality industry – restaurants and hotels, you may have an interest in keeping your plans confidential until the appropriate time for announcement arrives. For a successful search, you need a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker on your team who knows the local market and can understand your needs. We can help you find the right location for your business – and we will be working for you – not the Seller, unlike many other commercial brokers in this situation.

Contact Paul Quick at Asheville Business Consultants today for a free initial consultation.

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